A Virtual Office Can Save Your New Startup Cold Hard Cash

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Inside your mind, you probably have tons of business ideas you want to show the world, but there’s one specific one you have that you’re passionate about. This idea, whatever it may be, could be your ticket out of the traditional workforce and into your own world where you are your own boss. Seems like a dream, right? With all the advancements in business technology, dream no more.

Many startups such as software technology, educational, and clothing, needs a home base. Who said that home base needs to be an expensive leased office? With a virtual office, you’ll never have to worry about wasting money on an office lease you rarely use.

How A Virtual Office Helps Your New Startup

A virtual office provides you and your business the tools of a regular office without having a regular office. Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in virtual office services, provides all the services you could ask for. A virtual office from Opus VO gives your startup a professional business address in over 650 locations across the country. Major cities included! No more using your home address as your primary business location.

Your startup will also receive a custom business phone number, voicemail converted to email and much more! Here’s the best perk, prestigious conference rooms in major cities where you can hold meetings. No one really likes business meetings, but when starting a new business, sometimes you just have to do it. Don’t waste thousands using space you’ll barely use. With Opus VO, you can rent our prestigious meetings room by the hour for a low price. No one can beat that. Want to hold a meeting in beautiful downtown Miami? How about New York? Dallas? Wherever your startup may take you, Opus VO has your back.

Another great perk? Your new startup will receive a dedicated, live receptionist that’ll take your calls and transfer them as needed. No more worrying about missing a client or potential business opportunity. The receptionist is clear and concise and will use your company name when answering calls.

With All the Money Saved, Invest it Back into Your Business

In today’s economy, leasing an office can be horrifically expensive. You’re likely low on cash when starting a new business so you’ll need to spend wisely. With the money saved from signing up with Opus VO, you can invest it back into your business and take on your industry. Be the best in the business with Opus Virtual Offices.