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You Don’t Have to Be an Opus VO Client to Use Our Prestigious Meeting Rooms


Everyone’s goal when running a business is to find the greatest success possible. Achieving that success is not an easy road or overnight solution. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have temporarily, and some permanently, gone remote. While this has saved them a lot in overhead costs, sometimes the meetings over webcam don’t feel the same as an in-person meeting. For some businesses, having in-person meetings is essential to their growth. Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in virtual office services, has the affordable, common-sense solution.

Reserve an Opus Meeting Room, No Prior Commitment Required

Opus VO has prestigious meeting rooms across the country. From the beautiful beaches of Miami to the Music City of Nashville, you can hold a meeting with clients or employees in many major cities, all for a low price. Here’s the best part, you don’t have to be an Opus VO client to reserve one of our meeting rooms. Need a spur of the moment meeting with a potential client in Atlanta? What about interviewing potential employees in Chicago? With Opus Meeting Rooms, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Another bonus, the more hours you reserve in one of hour prestigious meeting rooms, the cheaper it gets. One more thing, the hours never expire. Did you buy five hours of meeting room time and only used two? Those three remaining hours are yours to use whenever you need them. Opus Meeting Rooms offer complimentary Wi-Fi, coffee and water, and flat screen TVs so you can share your presentations at the highest quality.

Make a Great First Impression with Opus Meeting Rooms

First impressions matter. Especially when trying to pick up new clients. When a prospective client arrives at an Opus meeting room location, they’ll first notice how luxurious the building is. That may not mean a lot to some people, but for a business looking to develop a professional reputation, it means everything. You want your business to look and feel like a major player then look no further. With stunning views of whatever city you choose to have your meeting in, your clients will be impressed.

Opus VO Can Help Your Business, No Matter the Location

Opus Meeting Rooms is just a part of the large Opus VO family. If you decide you want to sign up for a virtual office with Opus VO, you’ll automatically be ahead of the game. A virtual office not only saves your business money, but time as well. With an Opus Virtual Office, your business will receive a dedicated live receptionist who will answer your calls and transfer the necessary ones. No more needless physical office spaces that cost thousands per month. You’ll also get a company phone number and professional business address. No need to register your home address as your business address. Now’s the perfect time to grab life by the horns and start or expand your business with Opus Virtual Offices.

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