If Your Virtual Office is a Corner of a Coffee Shop, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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What’s the first thing you notice when you step into a Starbucks or Dunkin’ location? This could be my virtual office? Well, after the intoxicating aromas of freshly brewed coffee and that on the go feeling, it might be. These days, it’s the people taking up space typing away on their laptops or tablets, headphones in place, utterly engrossed in their work.

Maybe that’s why you’ve stepped into Starbucks or Dunkin’ yourself, or Barnes & Noble or even McDonalds, for that matter.  Not only eateries anymore, these establishments position themselves as cafes where a customer is encouraged to hand around. Courtesy of their free Wi-Fi services, of course.  This marketing approach coincided with the growth of the portable workplace, with people conducting business wherever there is a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This trend may or may not be good business strategy for these cafes, with controversy concerning how much a plugged-in squatter vs. table turnover impacts their bottom lines.  But, more importantly, is it the best strategy for you?  Shouldn’t you consider a virtual office?

Only the most casual business owners can afford to announce they’re sitting in the corner of Starbucks.  So your home office, or the single office you rent, remains the only visible market presence you have.  Acceptable, maybe, but not ideal for earning the respect of your most important customers. A virtual office from Opus VO is a more elegant solution.

A Virtual Office is the Way To Go

A virtual office offers an impressive corporate address in a location you choose. Advanced communications services include dedicated corporate telephone and fax, voicemail to email, and call forwarding. Rather than hearing you pick up your own phone, your clients are treated to the professionalism of live receptionists answering and directing their calls.

If the urge for a caramel macchiato with a raspberry scone becomes too great, by all means set yourself up at a table in Starbucks; but with a virtual office, your clients won’t know about the crumbs in the keyboard. Opus Virtual Offices is the number one choice for the on the go business person.