Save Time and Money with a Virtual Business Address

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There is no better time to grab yourself a virtual business address than right now! As business expenses and office leases rise throughout the country, having a virtual business address is key for a successful business. There are three words every business loves to hear: “money saving opportunities.” Boundless opportunities await when you sign up for a virtual business address with Opus Virtual Offices.

Virtual Business Addresses are Safe

Many people who start their new business register their home address as their place of business. That can lead to a host of problems that no one wishes to deal with. First off, your home address is publicly listed and the last thing your business needs is an angry customer or shady marketers sending you bogus flyers or threatening letters. With a virtual business address, you won’t have to worry about your home mailbox being stuffed with unsolicited garbage, scam offers, or worse, an unhappy customer or client who decides to pay you a visit.

Every person wants to separate their home from their work, and having a virtual business address does just that. Your home shouldn’t be a stressful environment and with a virtual address, it won’t be.  

In the unfortunate event your business gets served with a lawsuit, the papers will be sent to the virtual business address and not your place of residence, providing you with peace of mind from predatory process servers.


Having a virtual business address gives your new business the legitimacy it craves. You want to wow your customers when they visit your site and see that you’re based out of the glitz and glam of Beverly Hills or the towering skyscrapers of New York City. How about an address directly in the heart of the fabled Brickell District of Miami? There’s nothing like having a business meeting only mere minutes from the white sand beaches of Miami Beach.

Opus VO provides your business with a professional, live receptionist who will answer all incoming business calls and transfer them when appropriate. No more worrying about missing a call and risking your business’s reputation.

Choose Opus VO for All Your Business Needs

Opus Virtual Offices provides full virtual office services for the low price of $99 per month. No fine print, no unnecessary charges. Opus VO also offers top of the line conference rooms in major locations around the United States. Meet with prospective clients and show them why your business is perfect for their needs. Don’t wait any longer.