Protect Yourself from Porch Pirates

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It happens to the best of us. We order a package and expect it to arrive at a given date, and when the date arrives, you get the email notification announcing your package has been delivered only for it to be gone. This most likely is the work of pirates, and no, not like Blackbeard or Captain Jack Sparrow, but porch pirates. What is a porch pirate exactly? It’s a catchy name given to criminals who like to steal packages from your front door or business. They’ll wait in the shadows for the opportune time to take your package. Many times, they disguise themselves as a postal worker or Amazon delivery person, and sometimes, they’re just bold and walk up to your door and take it. Thankfully, with the advent of doorbell cameras and other tech, porch pirates are being caught red-handed.

How Porch Pirates Hurt Your Business

A lot of new businesses register their home address as their business address, and this could lead to some issues. Business mail such as tax documents, money, and other personal information could be stolen by porch pirates should you use your home address. This can cause major personal and legal headaches for you as you have no idea what the porch pirates can do with that type of information. The last thing you or your business need is an unknown credit card opened in your name or your tax information being used for nefarious purposes.

How to Prevent Porch Pirates

It’s best that you minimize package exposure time. The longer a package sits unattended, the more tempting it is for pirates to steal it. If you’re home most of the day, aim to retrieve the package as soon as it’s dropped off. Some delivery companies let you choose where the delivery can be placed, such as the backyard, or in a secure location that’s inaccessible to thieves. Consider investing in a doorbell camera as well. The vast majority of porch pirates are arrested because they were caught clear as day on a doorbell camera or other security camera.

There’s one way to guarantee that you’re never a victim of porch piracy. A virtual office. Signing up for a virtual office affords you the opportunity to have a prestigious business address without the costly overhead and lease payments. Here’s the best part: Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in virtual office services, provides a safe and secure virtual business address where all your mail and packages go to. No more worrying about porch pirates and their sticky fingers. Opus Virtual Offices also provides a live virtual receptionist and prestigious meeting rooms for those businesses who wish to meet face to face in a safe and clean environment.

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