Why Small Businesses are Optimistic in 2024

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Recently, small business owners across the United States have experienced a surge in confidence and economic optimism.  From policy changes to economic growth, small business owners have reasons to be happy. A TD Bank 2024 survey found that 90% of small business owners are feeling optimistic about their business future. 64% of small business owners say they’re confident that their revenue will increase in the next year.

A Surge in New Small Businesses

Since 2020, more than 16.5 million new small business applications have been filed, a record number. This historic surge in entrepreneurship has fueled economic optimism among business owners. The sheer number of new ventures reflects a belief in the resilience of the American economy and the potential for growth.

As inflation rates decline and recession fears subside, small business owners are breathing a sigh of relief. These positive economic indicators create a conducive environment for business growth. With a more stable economic landscape, entrepreneurs and startups can focus on expanding their businesses and achieving their goals.

Businesses Keep Growing

Half of the small businesses surveyed have plans to grow or expand in 2024. Whether through new product lines, geographic expansion, or increased marketing efforts, entrepreneurs are actively seeking opportunities. This growth mindset reflects their belief in a thriving economy and their ability to capitalize on it.

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