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Sources for Start-Up Funding


One of thFunding Sources for Business Start-Upse biggest hurdles for most start-ups is having enough capital to keep the business running. Starting a business is expensive; office equipment, enough resources to support taking on or landing additional clients, marketing material to get better exposure, and the list goes on.  Below are some methods that may be of some help when considering how to fund you next move.

Self-funding – When possible, this is the ideal method to fund your business. Most importantly, it doesn’t require you to give up any control in your company.

Friends and Family – If possible, tap into your inner circle before considering speaking with an investor. If you can land a no interest loan from your uncle,  then go for it. Of course there’s always the chance of your relationship becoming a bit uncomfortable.

Small Business Grant – Tough to land but always worth a shot. Securing these types of funds can often be quite intense and require a lot of effort.

Lines of Credit – Not exactly easy to achieve for a young company but give it a shot. One thing to keep in mind is that Commercial banks are often reluctant to lend to start-ups unless personal collateral is at risk. I personally wouldn’t recommend putting your house on the line, but it’s always an option.
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The Top 6 Reasons to take on Virtual Office Space


Top 6 reasons to take on Virtual Office Space

Virtual Office BenefitsAbove all, cost is the number one factor when considering taking on Virtual Office Space. These virtual solutions are basically turn-key as well and offer many advantages for all types of businesses.  Whether you’re looking to add a presence in an attractive city to gain market share or you’re just starting up and want to test the waters, sought to speak, a virtual office will provide you with the quickest solution to do so. Continue reading “The Top 6 Reasons to take on Virtual Office Space”

The Ultimate Virtual Office in Boca Raton


Over the last couple of years, new capabilities and technological advances have aided in the wide-spread acceptance of Virtual Offices. Business can now be conducted in a whole new manner.  The biggest obstacle in the past was communication.  Both, the internet as well as telecommunications have now reached a level in which real-time communication can be done in so many ways.  With collaboration software such as BaseCamp or video chat services such as Skype and GoToMeeting, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished remotely, except for an actual handshake, of course. Continue reading “The Ultimate Virtual Office in Boca Raton”

The Perfect Office For A Small Law Practice Is A Virtual Office

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A long time ago, a country lawyer who became quite successful noted that “a lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade”.  These are intangible skills, requiring no office space.  Although this lawyer was part of a traditional law office, he spent most of his time traveling the circuit, with only papers and briefs as his virtual office.  His name was Abraham Lincoln.

In the 21st century, professions such as law have been evolving rapidly with the advent of new
communications technology.  An attorney, starting out or established, may have little reason to incur the expense and constraints of physical office space.  Today, clients often prefer in-person meetings to take place at their own office or home anyway.  A virtual office is the perfect solution to grow a modern and successful practice.  Overhead is low, and flexibility is maximized.

Office For A Small Law Practice Is A Virtual Office

Working from home, a solo practitioner can promote a consequential image with a virtual office at a prestigious corporate address that includes local telephone and fax.  And with today’s  business being conducted largely online, the state-of-the-art communications tools that are the hallmark of virtual offices are all that’s needed to operate a  growing law practice.

Professionalism is enhanced by trained, live receptionists answering calls personally during business hours, and a quality virtual office will offer fax converting to pdf files, making transfer of documents a breeze and voicemail converting to audio files so information is always accurate and at hand.

Many lawyers are operating entirely virtually right now, and find the autonomy, flexibility and low cost to be unbeatable.  It’s your expertise – your time and advice – that your clients are paying for.  Offer it to them with a virtual office costing only $99 a month!  Visit for details.

That Old Cliché About First Impressions Is True. Make A Splash With An Opus Virtual Office


Google "You only have one chance to make a great first impression" and (in .04 seconds on my browser) you will get about 17,900,000 results.  There are good reasons clichés become so overused: because they're usually right on.  And when it comes to making a great first impression in business on a tight budget, an Opus Virtual Office is definitely right on!


Unless you're the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, whatever business you're in probably has lots of competitors offering similar services.  If you're a lawyer, there are lots of other lawyers.  If you're a designer, there are lots of other designers.  If you're an electrician; well, you get my drift.  You may be skilled in your field but if your potential customers aren't wowed in the first few minutes, they can always find someone else.  And this you can't afford.


This is where a virtual office comes in.  If you're on a tight budget, and who isn't these days, the most cost-effective way for a small company to make a great first impression is with a virtual office.


At Opus Virtual Offices, our goal is to provide you with the ultimate business solution.  Our proven program gives you all the tools required to project a first-class professional image for only $99 a month.  From a prestigious corporate address in any of hundreds of available locations, through state-of-the-art comunications systems, to, especially; live, friendly, professional receptionists handling phone calls personally, your virtual office will immediately impress your new clients.


Make sure that first impression is virtually perfect!  Stop by for all the exciting details.

Doing Business Is A Lot Less Risky When You Have A Virtual Office

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Don’t take risks with your business – open a virtual office instead!

In case you don’t remember or weren’t around, my picture of the day below, is of a very young, almost unknown Tom Cruise, in the iconic lip-synching scene from his breakthrough performance in Risky Business.

Quite the character, Tom has, of course, gone on to great success since then, but today I’d like to write about how virtual offices not only reduce the ‘risk’ of doing business but provide an ideal opportunity for maximizing your business’s potential quickly and  for very low cost.

When You Have A Virtual Office

A virtual office is the perfect solution to start or grow a business by providing powerful benefits at very low cost.  There are none of the risks inherent in operating physical offices requiring expensive long-term commitments in rent and tie you down to specific locations.  And with a virtual office there’s no investment in equipment, supplies, utilities, and hiring, training, and maintaining a staff.

The generous set of services a virtual office includes, together with flexibility and low cost,
gives you a quick and effective way to stay ahead of the competition.  An opus virtual office offers a prestigious corporate address in hundreds of cities across the country, local telephone and fax, shipping and mailing, voicemail converting to email, and the services of professional live receptionists handling customer calls.

Your business is too important to take risks with.  To open a great virtual office that costs only $99 a month, visit .  It just may be worth singing about.  With pants on please.

Nothing Comes Between Me And My Virtual Office


Well, that’s not exactly how he put it, but the painting contractor who recently painted the interior of my house made it perfectly clear how much he loved his virtual office!

Let me make it clear; I had nothing to do with this one.  This painter was a solid virtual office cheerleader before I even chose him for the job.

Like anyone else, I can’t tell a virtual office from a physical one when calling a new contractor, service person, accountant or attorney.  If I’m given top-notch treatment on the phone, if I get a sense of real concern and professionalism, I’m likely to choose that individual or company.

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Life In The Fast Lane. Commuting To Your Virtual Office

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The daily commute to the office can be the most stressful part of a businessperson’s day.  As well as the biggest waste of time.  And the most dangerous.  Unless, of course, you’re commuting to your virtual office.  In that case your daily commute is virtually nonexistent!

I read a sobering article in The Economist about the state of transportation in the U.S.  The article focused on infrastructure problems with our highways, rails, and congested airports, but the bottom line was clear.  Our daily commutes are stressful, and waste time and money.  It takes Americans longer to get to work than citizens of nearly any other industrialized country in the world.  What countries were worse?  Romania and Hungary!  What countries had faster, safer commutes?  Just about everyone else.

Commuting To Your Virtual Office

There have always been a lot of great reasons to operate virtual offices.  Now eliminate the wasted time and increased gas and transportation costs required to get to a physical office, and virtual offices just become even more appealing.

A virtual office lets you work remotely from one location while gaining an enhanced corporate image with a prestigious address in any of hundreds of available locations.  In addition, an Opus virtual office is a proven program offering advanced communications and real, live professional receptionists handling your clients calls personally.

If you work from a home office, a virtual office offers all these benefits while your commute is virtually zero.
If you work from a physical office, a virtual office offers you all these benefits allowing you to expand your reach into multiple locations while your commuting time and expense remains fixed.

Don’t waste time, money and aggravation with unnecessary commuting.  Visit us at  for details.

The Advantages Of Having A Virtual Office In Charlotte, N.C.


Opening a virtual office is a great way to enhance your company's image virtually anywhere, and one sweet location for your virtual office is 'the Queen City', Charlotte, NC.


In researching this fascinating city, I was surprised – and impressed – to learn that Charlotte is not only a major financial center, it is the second largest in the U.S. after New York City.  And if you're not a Charlottean, as residents are called, I'll give you a prize if you knew that either.  All kidding aside, a terrific place to consider opening a virtual office!


Bank of America, has its headquarters in Charlotte and it is also home of East Coast Operations for Wells Fargo.  Duke Energy headquarters here in the so-called Tower of Power – a corporation that is poised to become the largest electric utility in the country if a scheduled merger is approved.  And with its mild climate, professional sports teams, universites and and culture, the city has seen remarkable growth in recent years.


In addition, celebrity chef Emeril LaGasse is planning on opening one of his signature restaurants in Charlotte, and it will be the site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.


All this points to Charlotte as an excellent location to expand the reach and polish the image of your business with a virtual office.  A  Charlotte virtual office will give you a prime corporate address while you conduct business remotely from wherever you currently are.  New clients will be impressed with your new virtual office offering local telephone and fax, shipping, advanced communications like voicemail converting to email audio files, and especially with the friendly and professional live receptionists answering their calls.


What are you waiting for?   An Opus virtual office in Charlotte can be yours for only $99 a month.  Stop by and see how easy it is.

Facebook Test-Marketing ‘Deals’ In Five Top Opus Virtual Office Cities


A virtual approach to coupon distribution that offers great real-life deals to customers and excellent exposure for businesses is the latest rage.  Sounds a lot like the benefits of a virtual office, doesn’t it?

The Groupon business model has been red-hot, with Living Social and others, as well as the giant, Google Offers, climbing on the bandwagon.  Now Facebook, with its built-in 600 million member consumer base, has just announced its own Deals program.  Facebook is hoping that its ability to tap into its massive network will help it offer a compelling service to challenge its competitors.

Virtual coupons that can be scanned off a customer’s cell phone is a highly innovative way of doing business.   A virtual office is also a highly innovative way of doing business: shouldn’t you open one now?

Facebook is test-marketing its Deals program in Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, and San Diego.  These cities just happen to be very popular Opus Virtual Office locations.  Do you think Facebook might be onto something?  A virtual office in any of these cities, or hundreds of others, is yours almost instantly and at a surprisingly low cost.  Your business gets a corporate address, telephone and fax number, shipping and mailing, as well as a complete package of digital services designed for your own and your customers’ convenience.  And live professional receptionists answering the phone personally is a  unique feature that’s hard to beat.

Think ‘innovative’ when it comes to meeting your customer’s needs.  Visit us at for all the details.

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