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How Roofers Benefit from a Virtual Office


As a busy roofer and the owner of your own successful business, you may find that your hands are often too full to take care of scheduling appointments and fielding inquiries from potential customers as they arise.

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If you don’t have any support staff and your office consists only of your laptop, cell phone and truck, it’s possible that you are losing a great deal of business to competitors who benefit from having an office staff. Fortunately, virtual offices are available at highly affordable prices and can make a small business seem much larger and more professional.

Who’s answering your phone when you’re on the roof?

Benefits of Virtual Offices for Roofers

Even if you have felt that your business couldn’t support an office, you should consider the benefits of virtual offices, such as those provided by Opus Virtual Offices.

A virtual office will give your business a more professional appearance. You’ll have access to a friendly staff that will promptly answer your phone and help set up appointments, which is much better than replying to voice mails later in the day on your own.

Expand Your Business Empire

You may only service one area now, but as your roofing business becomes more successful, it’s only natural to want to consider expanding. With a virtual office, you can add more ZIP codes and new phone numbers from different area codes to help you reach clientele seeking roofing services in these locations. You’ll soon be the best roofer in town!

happy roofer with a virtual office

Why Go with a Virtual Office Services Provider

  • Friendly and prompt staff answers your phone
  • Efficient service with live receptionist, fax and voice mail
  • Able to branch out quickly into new territories
  • Makes your business appear more professional

Imagine that you are in the middle of an important job, and you are so focused on the task at hand that you don’t even hear the sound of your cell phone ringing from the passenger seat of your vehicle. You’ll have to wonder, who’s answering your phone when you’re on the roof? With a virtual office, you will no longer have to wonder about who is calling, and your business will definitely begin to improve.

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