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Seven Ways to Carry Out Proper Business Etiquette

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coworker looking over cubicle

Setting a professional tone as a good worker in the office takes mostly common sense but there are times we all need a refresher on some basic things we might not consider when all our attention is focused on our tasks to do. Let’s dive in and take a close look at seven ways to carry out proper business etiquette. Continue reading “Seven Ways to Carry Out Proper Business Etiquette”

Office party etiquette


office party etiquetteWith the holiday season rapidly approaching in some cases starting with Halloween, comes the festive events and the office party. As silly as it seems, some people really need a little reminder about proper etiquette when they mix business with pleasure. The key word here is “office party” remember it is still an office function, there will be invited guests that are not employees, they are clients and business associates sharing the holidays and festivities at managements request and invitation. So it is most important that the employees remember they are representatives of the company and their actions and behavior should dictate this.

Continue reading “Office party etiquette”

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