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Dodge High Rental Costs with a Virtual Office

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When a business is in its start-up phase or going through a difficult time, the best thing to do is to keep costs down. The costs associated with running an office space and receptionist is one that many types of businesses want to reduce by utilizing a virtual office. Virtual office services are so well equipped and efficiently run that communication with your clients will not be affected and will likely improve.

No More Office Leases

A virtual office gets you out of signing an office lease by taking over all the functions of a regular office. You’ll have a place where your mail can be sent, calls and faxes received and messages relayed. You will also still have those important commercial area contact details that set your company up a level above home-businesses in customers’ eyes.

For a majority of businesses, having an actual location for clients to visit is unnecessary. Why invest your precious resources into paying for high commercial real estate prices and unnecessary staff.

Live Receptionist Answering Your Calls

Depending on how you set up your virtual office service, you can also request to place telephone calls via your virtual office telephone line. Additionally, incoming calls can also be transferred directly to you. Basic packages include messaging services, where the receptionist will speak to your clients and takedown detailed messages so that you’ll stay in touch easily with partners, clients, and suppliers.

dodge rental costs by using an opus virtual office

All these messages can be scanned/emailed or sent via text message so you can stay in touch with your business while you are busy or travelling on the road. Receptionist services can also be extended to past office hours if you need them to be.

The Ultimate Office Solution

Now that you know what a virtual office service includes, you need to evaluate whether your business really needs an expensive regular office. Chances are, you’ll find that your business can easily operate without one. This is why Opus VO provides you a package service that allows your business to run more efficiently while also cutting down on overhead expenses.

Digital Nomads Love the Gig (Infographic)

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For those of you unaware of the term, Digital Nomads are the new type of employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers that have the freedom to work remotely. Some work from a home office. Some work from cafes. Some work wherever the wind takes them. But one thing is for sure – Digital Nomads love the Gig. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Sources for Start-Up Funding


One of thFunding Sources for Business Start-Upse biggest hurdles for most start-ups is having enough capital to keep the business running. Starting a business is expensive; office equipment, enough resources to support taking on or landing additional clients, marketing material to get better exposure, and the list goes on.  Below are some methods that may be of some help when considering how to fund you next move.

Self-funding – When possible, this is the ideal method to fund your business. Most importantly, it doesn’t require you to give up any control in your company.

Friends and Family – If possible, tap into your inner circle before considering speaking with an investor. If you can land a no interest loan from your uncle,  then go for it. Of course there’s always the chance of your relationship becoming a bit uncomfortable.

Small Business Grant – Tough to land but always worth a shot. Securing these types of funds can often be quite intense and require a lot of effort.

Lines of Credit – Not exactly easy to achieve for a young company but give it a shot. One thing to keep in mind is that Commercial banks are often reluctant to lend to start-ups unless personal collateral is at risk. I personally wouldn’t recommend putting your house on the line, but it’s always an option.
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