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Category Archives: Cutting Business Costs


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Are golden handcuffs holding you back?

Protect Your Privacy with a Virtual Office

Top Remote Places to Work in the U.S.

CPAs & a Virtual Office, A Heavenly Pair

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The Art of Small Talk

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The Financial Benefits of a Virtual Office

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Miami. It's Hotter than You Think

How the Big Apple is Reinventing itself Yet Again.

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Top 6 Reasons to Start a Business in Nashville 

Austin Texas, The Newest Tech Hotspot

What is a Virtual Office?

If you’re a small business, you need a mailing address! 

Virtual Offices, What Are the Top 10 Industries that Benefit?  

How to Commute to Your Virtual Office: You Don't

How Landscapers Benefit from a Virtual Office

You Don't Have to Be an Opus VO Client to Use Our Prestigious Meeting Rooms

Expand Your Business With Opus Virtual Offices

new startup

A Virtual Office Can Save Your New Startup Cold Hard Cash


Save Your Business from Inflation with a Virtual Office

Major League

Hit a Grand Slam with a Virtual Office

4-Day Work Week

The 4-Day Work Week is Coming. How Virtual Offices Simplify the Process.

How E-Commerce Sites Benefit from a Virtual Office

office leases

Don't Get Fooled by Expensive Office Leases

Virtual Office Los Angeles

Live Your Hollywood Dream with a Virtual Office in Los Angeles

Feel Lucky with a Virtual Office

event planner

How Virtual Offices Can Benefit an Event Planner


Non-Profit Organizations Benefit From Virtual Offices

Shine Bright with a Virtual Office in Beverly Hills

With Gas Prices Rising, A Virtual Office Is Just A Matter Of Dollars And Sense

mobile dog grooming

How Mobile Dog Groomers Benefit from Virtual Offices

How Virtual Offices Benefit Plumbers

Valentines Day

Opus VO Announces Valentines Day Promotion


How Freelancers Can Benefit from a Virtual Office

Dodge High Rental Costs with a Virtual Office

Boost Your Business with a Virtual Office

Virtual Office vs Office Rentals

Business success by identifiying early financial signs of small business failure

Office Space Buying vs Renting

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