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Digital Nomads Love the Gig (Infographic)

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For those of you unaware of the term, Digital Nomads are the new type of employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers that have the freedom to work remotely. Some work from a home office. Some work from cafes. Some work wherever the wind takes them. But one thing is for sure – Digital Nomads love the Gig. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

How Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

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If you are a business considering outsourcing some of your talent to work-at-home professionals, you are on the right track. Many businesses today (even large corporations) have moved to this model, for a number of reasons.

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Zip Codes Matter in Business, get the right one with a Virtual Office


rodeo drive & via rodeo signs
Beverly Hills is a great location for businesses

Your zip code is nothing but a string of numbers, often unnoticed in the corner of your business card or company letterhead. While you might not be paying attention to your zip code, it is very likely that your clients are. Not only does your business address matter to prospective clients, it matters to the search engines as well. With Google increasingly focusing on the needs of mobile searchers the utilization of a true commercial address can be critical to the success of local SEO efforts. In every city, there are some zip codes and street addresses that are known as commercial districts while others are instantly recognizable as residential ones.

Clients who are familiar with you and your products will probably not mind that your business is home-based, but you also need new clients if your business is going to progress. When given the choice between a home-business and one based in a commercial district, clients who don’t know you will probably go with the latter.

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A Virtual Office is a must for home based business


Woman holding open signA virtual office representing a home based business is not just an option anymore, its a must.

When the concept of a virtual office was developed it was mainly to give the home based business owner a “Corporate Image” designed to make a business appear larger than it was. This worked out well for appearance but what about efficiency, as a small home based business owner, I realized just looking big, wasn’t enough, I needed to be big. My virtual office service provider has provided me with this. My home based business is internet driven, most of my clients contact me and communicate through internet resources and telephone, so why a virtual office for me, clients wouldn’t know the difference… Yes they would.

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What’s in an effective Business Name?

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Effective Business Name A lot, when it comes to small-business success. Choosing the right business name can make your company the talk of the town. The wrong one can doom it to obscurity and failure. Ideally, your business name should reflect the products, services being provided, the expertise, value and quality of the product or service as well.

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A Boca Raton Virtual Office for your business


Opus Virtual Offices invites you to have a virtual office in one of the most prestigious business address in Boca Raton.

OpusVO is the premium source for virtual offices services throughout the US, providing businesses with all the necessary tools needed in an office to be successful including but not limited to, live receptionist to take your business calls and business mailing addresses.

boca raton virtual office business womanBecome one of our family members with a Boca Raton Virtual Office and take advantage of our great services to optimize operations and receive professional daily operational support. Whether you are a home based business owner looking for prestige and some help with the daily grind, a start-up company with limited working capital or a solid corporation on the rise, our professional staff is ready to provide the utmost in professional business services available.

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Office Space Buying vs Renting


Office Space in buildingYour business is going well and sales are increasing; in fact you might need some extra employees to handle calls and mail. When your business reaches this stage, there are several important decisions to be made, starting with office space. While a home office may have served you just fine up to this point, you are now trying to work with the big names in your industry. To really establish your company, you will need an office from which to headquarter your operations. But should you buy commercial property or just rent it?

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