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Roofers Benefiting from Virtual Office


As a busy roofer and the owner of your own successful business, you may find that your hands are often too full to take care of scheduling appointments and fielding inquiries from potential customers as they arise.

“Check out the story of John above and how he was able to succeed with the help of a Virtual Office”

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Regional Offices to built a Statewide Network from My Tiny Business

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growing business chart with regional offices

I started a small business about two years ago, working from my house. I had always planned to branch work for myself one day, but it wasn’t until my first son was born that I had an idea I felt passionate about. I started selling home-made, organic baby food, delivered to busy parents. Using my own recipes, I started promoting my business in a small way, using word of mouth and online marketing. I wasn’t too surprise to find many parents who wanted to be sure that their children were getting healthy, nutritious food.

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