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Roofers Benefiting from Virtual Office


As a busy roofer and the owner of your own successful business, you may find that your hands are often too full to take care of scheduling appointments and fielding inquiries from potential customers as they arise.

“Check out the story of John above and how he was able to succeed with the help of a Virtual Office”

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Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Office


woman utilizing virtual office in home based businessDeciding to have a virtual office is probably one of the best choices you’ve made for your business, even if your only reason for having one is to show clients that you have a corporate location. Actually, there are many ways to maximize the benefits from your investment in a virtual office.

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A Virtual Office is a must for home based business


Woman holding open signA virtual office representing a home based business is not just an option anymore, its a must.

When the concept of a virtual office was developed it was mainly to give the home based business owner a “Corporate Image” designed to make a business appear larger than it was. This worked out well for appearance but what about efficiency, as a small home based business owner, I realized just looking big, wasn’t enough, I needed to be big. My virtual office service provider has provided me with this. My home based business is internet driven, most of my clients contact me and communicate through internet resources and telephone, so why a virtual office for me, clients wouldn’t know the difference… Yes they would.

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Like the Cloud, A Virtual Office is Always Where You Want It, When You Want It


An office in the cloud? With you can

Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday that we were all tied to our pcs or Macs?

If we couldn’t access  them, we were handicapped in the data we could recall and the business we could accomplish.  If the system failed, we lost everything: from family pictures to our business clients’ most sensitive records.  If we were smart, we backed up our documents; but the whole process was earthbound and clunky.

Enter the cloud – an exciting buzzword everyone is speaking about – though it’s really just a sexy word for the Internet.  But what freedom and power it offers!
The cloud came from the serendipitous collision of consumer demand, business wanting to meet that demand, and, of course, the beauty of technology.  Can you imagine the music industry before Apple or the retail industry before Amazon?

You’re using the cloud everytime you post on Facebook, read your Gmail, or showcase a photo on Flickr.  Instead of your data being stored in your computer, it’s all there in the cloud – available on demand, not bound to the files in a ‘box’ on your desk.

Consider this: a virtual office is remarkably like the cloud.

It’s the strength of your ideas that matter, not four walls and a filing cabinet.

Instead of being weighed down by the boundaries of a physical office, a virtual office is access without the cost of rent or ownership.  Like cloud computing, your business is instantly where, when, and how your customers want it.

Wherever your clients are, a virtual office puts you right there with them.  With a choice of locations in hundreds of cities, there are almost no limits.  You obtain access to a prestigious address and advanced communications, from corporate telephone and fax to voicemail converting to email.  As a valuable bonus; your customers receive personal and professional attention from trained, live receptionists.

It no longer makes good sense to be chained to a single location.  Maximize your potential with a virtual office.  Like the cloud, it’s anywhere your customers want it to be. visit to learn more/

Your Reputation And How You Are Perceived Is Everything. The Strange Tale of Charlie Sheen


What can a virtual office possibly have to do with a celebrity's outrageous antics?


If you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you may not have heard of the world-class meltdown of the actor Charlie Sheen, but it's a rare soul that hasn't followed his story just a little – even by occasional peeks.  The media sure won't let us forget it – from tabloid excess to talk show hosts' jokes, to his own self-promotion on Twitter and just about everywhere else, to serious news organizations climbing on the bandwagon.  Charlie Sheen's behavior is a staple of the 24/7 news cycle right now and shows little sign of slowing down.


Cashing in on his own infamy, Mr. Sheen has  now embarked upon a quickly-assembled tour of 20 cities with an act that consists almost entirely of him showcasing his recently bizarre persona.  In Detroit, the first stop, he was roundly booed off the stage.  In Chicago, the reception was a lot better; but a sideshow-like atmosphere seems to be the appeal.


Critics generally agree that all this outrageousness is not likely to bode well for his long-term credibility or career success.  Perception is everything, and, temporarily fascinating or not, the actor is not boosting his reputation.


If even a celebrity of this magnitude can be damaged by a poor image, imagine how important it is to preserve your own image in your career as a business entrepreneur.  While meltdowns aren't at issue, how your customers perceive your integrity and accountability can make or break your business.  If your business is seen as too small, flighty, or not grounded in first-class surroundings, your reputation may suffer. Opus Virtual Office to the rescue.


Virtual offices are a great way to enhance the reputation of a small to medium-sized business.  Without the costs and long-term commitments of renting physical space and managing personnel, a virtual office provides a solid presence in any of hundreds of locations in cities across the country.  Your company benefits from heightened visibility and credibility with a prestigious corporate address that impresses clients and assures them of its stability.  State-of-the-art communications tools are offered, including professional receptionists personally answering calls, letting you focus on providing the services that will ensure success. 


Opening a virtual office is a stellar way of improving the perception and reputation of your business because your business is no place for off-the-wall drama.

Hundreds of Thousands Of Fans Gather for the Final Four! Is Your Virtual Office in Houston Ready for Them?


What does a Virtual Office in Houston and the Final Four have in common?

March Madness moves into April with the excitement surrounding both the event itself and the surprising teams that battled their way there reaching a fever pitch. $100 million dollars is projected to impact the local economy of Houston, Texas over the long weekend, as the culmination of the NCAA Tournament is the third largest sporting event in the world.

Showcased at Reliant Stadium in Houston, seating 76, 500, and starting on April 2, will be two unexpected winners and two downright Cinderella teams. The top seeds are long gone, and if VCU wins the big prize they will be the lowest seeded team in history to pull it off. Few events match their hype as the ‘hottest ticket in town’. But this is one of the real deals and there will be multitudes in the city divided into four fan zones, ready to support their favorites and eat, drink, and party their way through a memorable weekend.

The fourth largest city in the U.S., Houston is rated as a world city – meaning it ranks among the most important global economic centers in the world. Only New York has more Fortune 500 companies, and Houston is a leader in manufacturing, aeronautics, transportation, health care sector, biomedical research, and especially, the energy industry. Not to mention a world-class center for sports, with the Astrodome and, you guessed it, ultra-modern Reliant Stadium.

Establishing a virtual office in Houston is a very savvy pick. A presence there immediately enhances the credibility of your business, and moves you into a world-class competitive arena. You needn’t leave your home base, because a virtual office is a complete business system brought to you. A prestigious corporate address in Houston, advanced telephone, fax and voicemail forwarding to email services, shipping, and high-scoring, professional live receptionists handling your client calls, all at minimal cost and effort, frees you to focus on what you do best.

Look into the benefits of a virtual office in Houston. By the final buzzer, a Cinderella story may very well be written this weekend, and your business can write its own success story there too.

Check out for the Houston locations and many more around the US

Can You Start A Small Business Without a Virtual Office? Sure. But Why Would You?


We live in the era of advanced technology.  It is quite possible that your small business could be conducted entirely on your smartphone, but there are big reasons why it shouldn’t. That’s why we recommend using a Virtual Office.

There are things that just can’t be trusted to a personal cellular device:
The difference between “call me” and “call my office” might very well cost you the key customers that would turn your new business into a smashing success.

Are you a ‘real’ business?  Certainly.  You may be an expert in your field and you’re ready to rock n’ roll.  You have skills or a service that would benefit potential clients greatly and make your business a success.  But…
Unless your potential customers view you as as a real business with a real office, they may very well hesitate and move on to a competitor with a more established presence.

Here’s where a virtual office offers you the best of all worlds.  With a new business, you probably don’t want the daunting experience of opening a physical office.  It ties you down to a specific location, and you waste expense, time, and worry over expensive rent and utilities, hiring employees and managing them, and all the other hassles and overhead that are incurred.  Yet if you are just a voice on a phone and a business card with your home address, new clients may not want to take a chance on you.

A virtual office is the solution.  It gives you an immediate  prestigious corporate presence at an established address, a dedicated company phone and fax number, shipping and mailing services, voice mail converted to email, and professional live receptionists personally answering your client calls.  All at remarkably low cost.

With a virtual office from, you establish a solid and credible corporate identity from the get-go! Visit the website to check out the services and sign up for only $99 a month.

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