With a Virtual Office, You’re Surging Ahead of the Trend

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An interesting article, ‘A Small Business Made to Seem Bigger‘, was published the other day in The New York Times’ Business Day section.  It offered ideas on using online technology, like a virtual office, to make a small business seem larger than it is, with a reach that would appear to match larger rival companies.

When a topic becomes worthy of space in the New York Times. The article just happened to be the most emailed of the day. It’s clear that a major trend has been stumbled upon and is making the rounds.  Who wouldn’t want strategies and tools readily available to compete with much bigger competitors?

Various applications were discussed, with small entrepreneurs weighing in on which piece of technology they preferred.  One small business executive touted a single email system that cost him about $50 a month.  A wonderful system I’m sure, but that’s a lot of money for email, regardless of the bells and whistles.

And there, at the very end, discussing tools that weren’t only online, was the keyword ‘virtual’, as in virtual assistants.  Now they were talking!

Surge Ahead of the Game with a Virtual Office

As I kept mentally adding up the likely costs of each of these tools, it was clear that the virtual office concept was already ahead of the trend. They were offering everything mentioned, plus much more.

There is no combination of software that can provide the total package that a virtual office can. All for a single low price!

A prestigious mailing address in any of hundreds of cities providing a quality corporate identity, a company phone and fax number, voicemail to email capability, premium call forwarding, mailing and shipping, flexibility, and, most remarkably, live professional receptionists answering client calls during all business hours, week in and week out.

It’s obvious that virtual offices are at the very forefront of a surging trend in small business solutions. Have a look at www.opusvirtualoffices.com and surge ahead of the trends.