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Hit a Grand Slam with a Virtual Office


Grab a seat and watch your problems go away, cause it’s opening day. The most wonderful time of the year has arrived. Opening day of the Major League Baseball season. While opening day was delayed a few weeks due to the baseball lockout, everything has returned to normal. You know what won’t be delayed? Your phone calls and mail. Why? Because you signed up for a virtual office from Opus VO. Now, what does a virtual office have to do with Major League Baseball? A lot actually.

Major League Baseball teams constantly travel around the country and their office personnel are always working on the go. MLB teams are worth billions of dollars, so the costs of their travelling personnel are nothing to them. What about your business? You worked hard to get where you’re at and wasting money on random expenses will add up. When you sign up with Opus Virtual Offices, the money you save not having a physical office will have you jumping for joy.

A Virtual Office for Your Major League Business

With a virtual office, your business will compete with the major players in the industry, no more minor league issues. You’ll receive a prestigious business address where your mail will be sent, and you can host meetings with your clients. How about a conference in Atlanta? Home of the world series champion Braves. Or an office on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, home of the lovable losers Cubs and perennial winners White Sox.

When you sign up with Opus Virtual Offices, you’ll also have a dedicated live receptionist who will take and transfer your calls, including creating a custom greeting when a client calls. It’s time to live the major business lifestyle without paying the prices associated with it. You’ll also build business credit which can help your business soar to new heights. A major perk many others don’t offer.

Become a World Champion with Opus Virtual Offices

Opus Virtual Offices provides full virtual office services for the low price of $99 per month. No fine print, no unnecessary charges. Opus VO also offers top of the line conference rooms in major locations around the United States. Meet with prospective clients and show them why your business is perfect for their needs. Don’t wait any longer. Step up to the plate and hit a grand slam with Opus Virtual Offices.

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