Can You Register an LLC To a Virtual Address in Georgia? 

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Starting a new business venture? There’s a lot of thought that goes into the process. What kind of entity do you want to create? What sort of tax protection are you looking for? And what address will you use for your home-based business? If privacy is your concern, consider using a virtual address for your new Georgia-based company.  

What is an LLC?

What is an LLC? A limited liability corporation is a business structure that protects the owner from all personal liability accompanying owning a business. The second benefit of an LLC is pass-through taxation. This means that when April 15th comes around, the LLC doesn’t pay corporate taxes. Rather, the income and expenses derived from the LLC pass through to the owners’ personal tax returns. 


Georgia State LLC Statute  

Under Rule 590-7-19-.11, every Georgia LLC must be registered to a physical address within the state to allow for the proper service of process. Most people have the same three options, use their home address, rent a brick-and-mortar office space, or rent a virtual office. If you value your privacy, your home address is not ideal. And if you’re trying to expand and grow your business, you want to keep expenses low and not lock yourself into a year-long lease that comes with a lot of overhead costs. A virtual office address is the best option as it offers the best of both.  

Benefits of a Virtual Business Address 

At Opus Virtual Office, we have twenty Georgia locations to choose from. You can have your virtual office in Atlanta, in the heart of the Atlanta business district. The benefits of a virtual office are many.  

  • A professional office space 
  • Front desk reception service 
  • Meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology 
  • No overhead costs 
  • Create the impression of an up-and-running business right away 
  • Expand into different markets with ease 

Opus VO is the right choice for your Georgia LLC.  

If you’re looking to open an LLC in Georgia and need a physical address to register your business, look no further than Opus Virtual Office Solutions. With 20 locations in Georgia, you can choose the best city for your new business venture. We offer a full suite of virtual office services for $99 a month. Your new business will look like an established company the day you open your virtual door. Wishing You Luck! Opus VO.