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Interior Decorator Uses a Virtual Office to Break Into New Territory


Interior Decoration toolsAfter completing a design course, Renee set out to build her reputation as an interior decorator in Marietta, Georgia. Having operated for three years in her medium-sized city, she found that the market was just about saturated. With the economy on a downturn, fewer people were redoing their homes and fewer businesses were looking for a design consultant to help them with a revamp. With her own costs rising, Renee looked around for a way to revitalize her business.

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Enter the US Market with a Virtual Office


US Map showing business expansionThousands of international firms see the U.S. market as a place to build their business. For companies based in Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and every other region in the world, breaking into the U.S. market means an entry into one of the most lucrative markets with hundreds of millions of consumers who pack substantial purchasing power. Successful operations in the U.S. also lead to world-wide recognition and even a more impressive customer profile back in their home country. Among the main barriers that prevent access to the U.S. are the sizeable investment and the amount of effort necessary to set up a branch on foreign shores. Of course, these challenges only apply to the task of setting up a physical office. A virtual office in the U.S., on the other hand, can be set up easily, at very low cost.

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Take Your East Coast Business to the West with a California Virtual Office

San Francisco Bridge looking into the city
San Francisco, is a great place for business expansion.

The traditional way of doing business was to establish an enterprise in one area, slowly growing outwards and expanding to an entire region. With the benefits of today’s telecommunication and transportation technology, it was easier and less expensive to be focused in areas that were easier to reach and control. These days, however, technology makes it possible to be in one place and conduct business thousands of miles away in multiple locations.

Today businesses and customers are comfortable making deals and orders reaching thousands of dollars without one party ever having met the other. Because of this, savvy business owners know that their business is not limited to the market that is within close vicinity.

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Regional Offices to built a Statewide Network from My Tiny Business

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growing business chart with regional offices

I started a small business about two years ago, working from my house. I had always planned to branch work for myself one day, but it wasn’t until my first son was born that I had an idea I felt passionate about. I started selling home-made, organic baby food, delivered to busy parents. Using my own recipes, I started promoting my business in a small way, using word of mouth and online marketing. I wasn’t too surprise to find many parents who wanted to be sure that their children were getting healthy, nutritious food.

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