Expand your Florida Legal Practice for a Minimal Monthly Cost

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Starting a traditional law firm often involves significant upfront expenses, including utilities, office space, furniture, and staff. Signing up for a virtual office offers a solution by significantly reducing startup and overhead costs.

Prestigious Office Locations and Services

 When we say virtual, it doesn’t mean 100% online. Your law firm will have an actual physical business address you can visit, a dedicated local phone number, and live answering service. With lower expenses, small law firms can allocate more resources to client acquisition and marketing, allowing them to build their practice without financial strain.

Be where your clients are! Schedule a meeting at one of Opus VO’s premium locations in Florida, it’s that simple! Creating a positive impression is important the first time you meet a client, and Opus VO’s locations are guaranteed to do just that. Your new Opus address includes 5 free hours of conference meeting hours, and our additional hourly rates are the lowest in the industry.

Turn your Legal Practice into a State-Wide Powerhouse

Legal practices go beyond city limits. Florida lawyers can represent clientele across the state with ease. Opus Virtual Offices has prestigious locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Tampa, and Orlando, giving your law firm access to thousands of potential clients across the state.

The average monthly office lease in Florida is $2,253. With Opus Virtual Offices, you can have a prestigious address, receptionist to accept your mail, a dedicated local phone number, and live call answering service for only $99 per month or have an address and all of the previous features in all five major locations for only $495 per month. That’s not a typo. It’s only $495 per month for Florida’s five major cities! Smaller law firms will no longer be bound by geographical restrictions.

Expand your Legal Landscape with Opus Virtual Offices

Many Florida law firms choose Opus Virtual Offices for its fixed low monthly price and its state-wide coverage. Opus Virtual Offices all-inclusive price includes a live receptionist answering and transferring calls with no minutes restrictions, a prestigious corporate mailing address, business phone, fax, and voicemail. As your law firm grows, our solutions grow with you. From the bright neon lights of Miami to white sand beaches of Tampa, your law firm can traverse the Sunshine State with ease.