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Opus VO Launches Latest Business Services Package


business services in new york cityLeading U.S. virtual office company, Opus Virtual Offices has launched another business services package that will continue its success in the virtual office industry. With addresses in some of the most prestigious commercial districts in the U.S., the company is supporting the success of companies in 220 locations, from Alabama and Colorado, to New York, Virginia and Wisconsin.

With the latest promotion, Opus VO is offering huge price cuts on the same world-class business services that allow businesses in every industry handle their operations efficiently without the effort needed to run a physical office. At $99 per month, even the smallest businesses can operate like a big corporation, with an impressive address and a receptionist to pick up customer calls during office hours. The staff members at Opus VO are trained to respond to calls using a company’s signature message, which establishes a distinctive corporate identity.

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“How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With?” Keep Focused With A Virtual Office

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Let a virtual office help you work smarter so you can get enough zzzzzzzzzzs to stay on top of your game.

Americans work more hours than workers in other industrialized countries, and according to Gallup Work and Education surveys, no Americans work longer hours than the self-employed.  Half of self-employed businesspeople work more than 44 hours a week and a whopping 26% work at least 60 hours; a much larger percentage than workers in any other sector, such as private business or government work.

Keep Focused With A Virtual Office

I was thinking of how a virtual office might help small business owners cut back on such punishing schedules when I came across an article in the New York Times titled ‘How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With?’ that underscored the impact that not getting enough sleep has on performance.

Scientific studies were performed at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania showing that anything less than 8 hours of sleep each night seriously reduced the sustained attention of test subjects.  How many self-employed business owners get that much sleep regularly?  Even 7 hours of sleep a night reduced reaction time, speed and accuracy at mental tasks and even the ability to focus in meetings.  Those who slept 6 or less hours fared even worse.

But can your grow your company without putting in more and more hours?  Let a virtual office expand your business without adding stress and hours to your day.  New markets are yours with the tools and technology an opus virtual office provides.  You get a prestigious corporate address, telephone, and fax number in the city of your choice, and the advantage of advanced telecommunications, so you can stay focused on accommodating your customers.  Live receptionists answer phones professionally and route them as necessary, freeing up your time.

Don’t be Sleepless In Seattle, Chicago, Miami, or New York!  Head over to www.opusvirtualoffices.com and see how an opus virtual office makes it easy for you to stay on top of your game.

Virtual Books More Popular Than Physical Books. Can Virtual Offices Be Far Behind?

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Why deal with paper taking up space when you can go virtual?  Why deal with a costly physical office taking up space when you can have a virtual office?

E-book sales are red-hot.  In February alone, e-books racked up sales of $90 million, more  than tripling February 2010 sales, and there’s no end in sight.  Now, I’m a booklover.  I find that shelves of beautifully bound hardcover books are almost sensuous; but the technology that made e-readers possible is also seductive and much more practical in the 21st century.

Today, I couldn’t live without my NOOKcolor e-reader/tablet with an entire virtual world contained inside, and I can easily imagine a small business owner taking advantage of the flexibility and freedom a virtual office offers for much the same reasons.

Why not open a virtual office in Seattle, home of Amazon.com and its Kindle, or in New York City, headquarters to my NOOKcolors’ Barnes & Noble?

Can Virtual Offices Be Far Behind

With a virtual office, you’re not tied down with a commitment to physical space in a single location.  Long-term leases, utility bills, extra equipment and extra personnel are relics of the past.  A virtual office is to a physical office as Googling a phone number and address is to looking them up in a heavy phonebook.

A satellite virtual office – or more than one –  established in strategic locations across the country can enhance your corporate presence instantly and at very little expense.  An impressive address, associated telephone and fax, voicemail converting to email, shipping .and premium call forwarding connect you and your customers in ways business needs to be done today.  And with an opus virtual office you have the additional benefit of live, professional dedicated receptionists answering calls personally.

Don’t carry around more baggage than you need to grow a successful business.  Visit us at our website at www.opusvirtualoffices.com

Does Size Matter? Make A Small Business Appear Bigger With A Virtual Office

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While smaller may be better for some things like portable digital devices, instruments for microsurgery, or nanotechnology, a solo or small business may benefit from appearing larger than it is – as if it has a team of employees and unlimited resources.  The perfect solution?   Virtual offices, of course.

Clients have a greater comfort level when a business seems substantial.  And there are common clues they’ll look for in determining who gets their business.  Does the business have a solid address in a well-known location?  A business card and residential address may not inspire much confidence.  It may not be fair, but perception is reality, and the reality is they want to do business with a company they feel is large enough to be around tomorrow and next year.  Here’s where a virtual office shines.  A virtual office provides a prestigious corporate address in any of hundreds of locations, giving your clients peace of mind.

Make A Small Business Appear Bigger With A Virtual Office

Does the business utilize the latest in digital technology to make communications  fast, reliable, and convenient?  A phone line with plain vanilla voicemail access and no other features signals a customer that your business may be run on a shoestring; an impression you can’t afford to convey.  Once again, welcome to the world of virtual offices.  A corporate telephone and fax line, voicemail boxes that convert to WAV audio files, and premium call transferring should be  part of a good virtual office package.

Perhaps most importantly, customers want to know that that your business is well-staffed with live people they can reach and actually talk to during a wide range of business hours.  Not a problem when you choose to go with a quality virtual office.  Included are live, professional receptionists waiting to answer their calls.

Sometimes we like to think that size doesn’t matter.  But when it comes to your business, let’s face it – it does.  Check out www.opusvirtualoffices.com for everything you need in a virtual office at a great low price.

Forbes: 23 Ways You’re Wasting Money. #24. Not Investing In A Virtual Office

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The other day Forbes.com published an article that I thoroughly enjoyed, though I also felt a little embarrassed.  Informative, detailed, and colorful, it was a great piece titled “Twenty-Three Ways Your Laziness Is Costing You Money”.  And to that, I had to add #24.  Not looking into investing in a virtual office.

Forbes came up with quite a list – Not a ‘Dirty Dozen’, but a whole ‘Dirty Twenty-Three’: how we waste money daily in the simplest ways.  And if you’re not guilty of some, I nominate you for Frugal Sainthood.  I, blushingly, was guilty of quite a few.

The picture on the left represents purchasing pre-cut produce rather than cutting up your own, for a wasteful mark-up of 37%.  On the right, the model is correctly checking her credit card statement carefully for hidden charges or incorrect billing.  I hate to say why I chose these two pictures, so I won’t.

Not Investing In A Virtual Office

Included were common sense matters like maintaining your car, clipping coupons, shopping with a list, getting the best rates on savings accounts, insulating your home properly, and brewing your own coffee rather than shelling out for Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

More subtle, perhaps, were remembering to send in rebates, opening retirement accounts as early as possible, never ordering premium video on demand, and comparison shopping with your smartphone.  The entire article is available on Forbes.com dated 5.12.11.

Well, maybe it isn’t always laziness that keeps a small business entrepreneur from looking into the benefits of a virtual office; sometimes he or she just doesn’t realize how remarkably convenient and cost savings it can be.

Rather than renting costly office space, and furnishing and staffing a physical office, a virtual office provides a prestigious corporate address that impresses and inspires confidence in customers, an entire digital toolbox full of the latest in advanced communications for operating remotely and efficently, and live receptionists for that personal touch.

An opus virtual office offers all these services for only $99 per month.  Don’t throw away money.
Visit www.opusvirtualoffices.com for details.

With A Virtual Office, Baby Boomers Can Keep Going And Going And Going

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60 is the new 40, and today’s baby boomers feel and think young.  Even as downsizing companies increasingly lay off older workers, most boomers wouldn’t consider retiring.  And with pension funds shrinking, not all can afford to.  A second career can be a financial necessity, as well as personally rewarding.  Opening a virtual office can make that new career a successful reality.

The choice of what business to pursue is up to the new entrepreneur.  Some want to continue careers spent in fields that are immediately suited to personal-sizing; such as outside sales, accounting, consulting, financial services, and many more.  Other fledgling boomer entrepreneurs may want to kick up their heels and try something new based on interests and talents.  Either way, virtual office packages are there to help insure success.

Keep Going with a Virtual Office

A virtual office will present the business as located at a corporate address in an impressive location with local telephone and fax number.  This offers the ability to showcase the business as one of professionalism, size, and substance, and has the added advantage of keeping a residential address and home phone number entirely private.

A virtual office provides entrepreneurs advanced digital communications tools so necessary to be successful today, and also provides live professional receptionists answering calls, freeing the owner up to grow their business and presenting them as directing a staff of employees.

The modern baby boomer operating a business has a wealth of expertise and a lot of vitality left, and like the Energizer Bunny, just keeps going and going and going.  And an opus virtual office, at only $99 a month, keeps right up with them.

The Perfect Office For A Small Law Practice Is A Virtual Office

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A long time ago, a country lawyer who became quite successful noted that “a lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade”.  These are intangible skills, requiring no office space.  Although this lawyer was part of a traditional law office, he spent most of his time traveling the circuit, with only papers and briefs as his virtual office.  His name was Abraham Lincoln.

In the 21st century, professions such as law have been evolving rapidly with the advent of new
communications technology.  An attorney, starting out or established, may have little reason to incur the expense and constraints of physical office space.  Today, clients often prefer in-person meetings to take place at their own office or home anyway.  A virtual office is the perfect solution to grow a modern and successful practice.  Overhead is low, and flexibility is maximized.

Office For A Small Law Practice Is A Virtual Office

Working from home, a solo practitioner can promote a consequential image with a virtual office at a prestigious corporate address that includes local telephone and fax.  And with today’s  business being conducted largely online, the state-of-the-art communications tools that are the hallmark of virtual offices are all that’s needed to operate a  growing law practice.

Professionalism is enhanced by trained, live receptionists answering calls personally during business hours, and a quality virtual office will offer fax converting to pdf files, making transfer of documents a breeze and voicemail converting to audio files so information is always accurate and at hand.

Many lawyers are operating entirely virtually right now, and find the autonomy, flexibility and low cost to be unbeatable.  It’s your expertise – your time and advice – that your clients are paying for.  Offer it to them with a virtual office costing only $99 a month!  Visit www.opusvirtualoffices.com for details.

That Old Cliché About First Impressions Is True. Make A Splash With An Opus Virtual Office


Google "You only have one chance to make a great first impression" and (in .04 seconds on my browser) you will get about 17,900,000 results.  There are good reasons clichés become so overused: because they're usually right on.  And when it comes to making a great first impression in business on a tight budget, an Opus Virtual Office is definitely right on!


Unless you're the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, whatever business you're in probably has lots of competitors offering similar services.  If you're a lawyer, there are lots of other lawyers.  If you're a designer, there are lots of other designers.  If you're an electrician; well, you get my drift.  You may be skilled in your field but if your potential customers aren't wowed in the first few minutes, they can always find someone else.  And this you can't afford.


This is where a virtual office comes in.  If you're on a tight budget, and who isn't these days, the most cost-effective way for a small company to make a great first impression is with a virtual office.


At Opus Virtual Offices, our goal is to provide you with the ultimate business solution.  Our proven program gives you all the tools required to project a first-class professional image for only $99 a month.  From a prestigious corporate address in any of hundreds of available locations, through state-of-the-art comunications systems, to, especially; live, friendly, professional receptionists handling phone calls personally, your virtual office will immediately impress your new clients.


Make sure that first impression is virtually perfect!  Stop by www.opusvirtualoffices.com for all the exciting details.

Doing Business Is A Lot Less Risky When You Have A Virtual Office

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Don’t take risks with your business – open a virtual office instead!

In case you don’t remember or weren’t around, my picture of the day below, is of a very young, almost unknown Tom Cruise, in the iconic lip-synching scene from his breakthrough performance in Risky Business.

Quite the character, Tom has, of course, gone on to great success since then, but today I’d like to write about how virtual offices not only reduce the ‘risk’ of doing business but provide an ideal opportunity for maximizing your business’s potential quickly and  for very low cost.

When You Have A Virtual Office

A virtual office is the perfect solution to start or grow a business by providing powerful benefits at very low cost.  There are none of the risks inherent in operating physical offices requiring expensive long-term commitments in rent and tie you down to specific locations.  And with a virtual office there’s no investment in equipment, supplies, utilities, and hiring, training, and maintaining a staff.

The generous set of services a virtual office includes, together with flexibility and low cost,
gives you a quick and effective way to stay ahead of the competition.  An opus virtual office offers a prestigious corporate address in hundreds of cities across the country, local telephone and fax, shipping and mailing, voicemail converting to email, and the services of professional live receptionists handling customer calls.

Your business is too important to take risks with.  To open a great virtual office that costs only $99 a month, visit www.opusvirtualoffices.com .  It just may be worth singing about.  With pants on please.

Nothing Comes Between Me And My Virtual Office


Well, that’s not exactly how he put it, but the painting contractor who recently painted the interior of my house made it perfectly clear how much he loved his virtual office!

Let me make it clear; I had nothing to do with this one.  This painter was a solid virtual office cheerleader before I even chose him for the job.

Like anyone else, I can’t tell a virtual office from a physical one when calling a new contractor, service person, accountant or attorney.  If I’m given top-notch treatment on the phone, if I get a sense of real concern and professionalism, I’m likely to choose that individual or company.

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